Memphis Grizzlies Betting 2020

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The Grizzlies missed out on the playoffs last year for the first time since 2009.

They are now looking forward to winning again this season. They were very active in the offseason, and so far, they have come up with a roster which they are confident can help them back on their feet and into the NBA playoffs round 1.

Ideally, we believe that this time around, you can confidently bet on them and make some good money.

Take a look at the schedule and then you will find some useful Memphis Grizzlies betting tips.

Grizzlies Picks of the Week

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Grizzlies betting in NBA
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The Grizzlies Schedule

Here is the schedule for the Grizzlies for the upcoming season, it kicks off with Miami Heat.

10/23/199:30 pm CESTat Miami Heat
10/25/1910:00 pm CESTvs Chicago Bulls
10/27/197:00 pm CESTvs Brooklyn Nets
10/29/1911:30 pm CESTat Los Angeles Lakers
11/2/199:00 pm CESTvs Phoenix Suns
11/4/199:00 pm CESTvs Houston Rockets
11/6/199:00 pm CESTvs Minnesota Timberwolves
11/8/198:00 pm CESTat Orlando Magic
11/9/199:00 pm CESTvs Dallas Mavericks
11/11/199:30 pm CESTat San Antonio Spurs
11/13/198:00 pm CESTat Charlotte Hornets
11/15/199:00 pm CESTvs Utah Jazz
11/17/197:00 pm CESTvs Denver Nuggets
11/19/199:00 pm CESTvs Golden State Warriors
11/23/199:00 pm CESTvs Los Angeles Lakers
11/25/198:00 pm CESTat Indiana Pacers
11/27/199:00 pm CESTvs Los Angeles Clippers
11/29/199:00 pm CESTvs Utah Jazz
12/1/194:30 pm CESTat Minnesota Timberwolves
12/2/199:00 pm CESTvs Indiana Pacers
12/4/199:00 pm CESTat Chicago Bulls
12/7/1911:00 pm CESTat Utah Jazz
12/9/1911:30 pm CESTat Golden State Warriors
12/11/1910:00 pm CESTat Phoenix Suns
12/13/199:00 pm CESTvs Milwaukee Bucks
12/14/199:00 pm CESTvs Washington Wizards
12/16/199:00 pm CESTvs Miami Heat
12/18/199:00 pm CESTat Oklahoma City Thunder
12/20/198:00 pm CESTat Cleveland Cavaliers
12/21/199:00 pm CESTvs Sacramento Kings
12/23/199:00 pm CESTvs San Antonio Spurs
12/26/199:00 pm CESTat Oklahoma City Thunder
12/28/196:00 pm CESTat Denver Nuggets
12/29/199:00 pm CESTvs Charlotte Hornets
1/2/2011:00 pm CESTat Sacramento Kings
1/4/204:30 pm CESTat Los Angeles Clippers
1/5/209:00 pm CESTat Phoenix Suns
1/7/209:00 pm CESTvs Minnesota Timberwolves
1/10/209:00 pm CESTvs San Antonio Spurs
1/12/207:00 pm CESTvs Golden State Warriors
1/14/209:00 pm CESTvs Houston Rockets
1/17/209:00 pm CESTvs Cleveland Cavaliers
1/20/206:00 pm CESTvs New Orleans Pelicans
1/22/208:30 pm CESTat Boston Celtics
1/24/208:00 pm CESTat Detroit Pistons
1/26/207:00 pm CESTvs Phoenix Suns
1/28/209:00 pm CESTvs Denver Nuggets
1/29/208:30 pm CESTat New York Knicks
1/31/209:00 pm CESTat New Orleans Pelicans
2/3/209:00 pm CESTvs Detroit Pistons
2/5/209:30 pm CESTat Dallas Mavericks
2/7/208:00 pm CESTat Philadelphia 76ers
2/9/207:00 pm CESTat Washington Wizards
2/12/209:00 pm CESTvs Portland Trail Blazers
2/20/2011:00 pm CESTat Sacramento Kings
2/21/2011:30 pm CESTat Los Angeles Lakers
2/24/2011:30 pm CESTat Los Angeles Clippers
2/26/209:00 pm CESTat Houston Rockets
2/28/209:00 pm CESTvs Sacramento Kings
2/29/209:00 pm CESTvs Los Angeles Lakers
3/2/208:30 pm CESTat Atlanta Hawks
3/4/208:30 pm CESTat Brooklyn Nets
3/6/209:30 pm CESTat Dallas Mavericks
3/7/209:00 pm CESTvs Atlanta Hawks
3/10/209:00 pm CESTvs Orlando Magic
3/12/2011:00 pm CESTat Portland Trail Blazers
3/14/2010:00 pm CESTat Utah Jazz
3/16/209:30 pm CESTat San Antonio Spurs
3/17/209:00 pm CESTvs Oklahoma City Thunder
3/19/209:00 pm CESTat Milwaukee Bucks
3/21/209:00 pm CESTvs New Orleans Pelicans
3/24/209:00 pm CESTat New Orleans Pelicans
3/25/209:00 pm CESTvs Boston Celtics
3/28/209:00 pm CESTvs Toronto Raptors
3/30/209:30 pm CESTat Toronto Raptors
4/1/2010:00 pm CESTvs New York Knicks
4/3/2010:00 pm CESTvs Dallas Mavericks
4/5/2011:00 pm CESTat Portland Trail Blazers
4/7/2011:00 pm CESTat Denver Nuggets
4/11/2010:00 pm CESTvs Oklahoma City Thunder
4/13/2010:00 pm CESTvs Philadelphia 76ers
4/15/209:30 pm CESTat Houston Rockets

Best Memphis Grizzlies Betting Predictions

Since 2010, the team has come a long way trying to establish consistency in winning in the NBA. How their first coach Taylor Jenkins brings along young talent still serves as an important benchmark for Memphis in the coming 2019-20. So, if you are looking to bet against the spread, they may be a perfect pick.

At the moment, besides Morant, the Grizzlies have also included a new forward Brandon Clarke via trade with the Oklahoma City Thunders. In their semi-final and quarter-final wins, Clarke managed to put in 41 points and at the same time collected 26 rebounds. His slam dunk within a 10 seconds window put the Grizzlies ahead, and now chances are he will even do more this season. All this makes prop bets and point spread viable betting options.

This remarkable team has also portrayed a solid defense strategy for a couple of seasons. For instance, last season, they limited their opponents to 84.3 points as well as an overtime game. It looks like in the upcoming season; they will form a perfect over/under picks for betting.

History of the Grizzlies

The Grizzlies started playing in 1995 where they joined the NBA together with Toronto Raptors that same year. Instantly, they were the worst-performing teams to join the league. They finished at the bottom of their regional charts in 5 of the 6 years. Due to this, the management of the team moved to Memphis in 2001 as a way to increase revenue.

After relocating, they recruited Pau Gasol, a Spanish forward, who would later become their pioneer all-star player. They then hired Jerry West (Basketball Icon) who turned the team around in the 2003-04 season where they won up to 50 games. The team short-lived this victory and they started posting losing records again and West left in 2007.

The Grizzlies later made a comeback in 2010-11 thanks to the sterling performance of forwards Rudy Gay and Zach Randolph. That season, they went on and beat San Antonio Spurs in six games, and this marked their first Playoff victory. Later in the 2012-13 season, Marc Gasol, Pau’s brother joined and them; they advanced to the conference finals for the first time in their history.

Team Creation

This basketball team was established in 1995 in Vancouver, Canada.

Best Seasons

For them, the best season was in the 2003-04 season when they won 50 games. It was a considerable improvement of 22 wins from the previous season.

Most Famous Players

These are the most famous players that have played for this basketball team

  • Pau Gasol
  • Mike Conely
  • Marc Gasol
  • Mike Bibby
  • Tony Allen

Memphis Grizzlies latest news & tweets

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