LA Lakers Betting 2020

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Record wise; this Los Angeles team has been among the worst performers to have ever played in the NBA for six years.

Within all this time, they only managed to get a dismal score of 163-329. However, many hope that all that will change especially after the team recently signed LeBron James and Antony Davis.

After the change, the team automatically becomes the betting favorites to go within the upcoming NBA championship.

Let’s explore the upcoming LA Lakers betting chances and take a close look at some tips.

Lakers Picks of the Week

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LA Lakers betting

The Lakers Schedule

Below is the playing schedule for the team in the up and coming season.

10/23/1912:30 am CESTat Los Angeles Clippers
10/26/1912:30 am CESTvs Utah Jazz
10/27/1910:30 pm CESTvs Charlotte Hornets
10/29/1911:30 pm CESTvs Memphis Grizzlies
11/1/1910:30 pm CESTat Dallas Mavericks
11/3/198:00 pm CESTat San Antonio Spurs
11/5/199:00 pm CESTat Chicago Bulls
11/8/1911:30 pm CESTvs Miami Heat
11/10/1910:30 pm CESTvs Toronto Raptors
11/12/1910:00 pm CESTat Phoenix Suns
11/13/1911:00 pm CESTvs Golden State Warriors
11/15/1911:30 pm CESTvs Sacramento Kings
11/17/1910:30 pm CESTvs Atlanta Hawks
11/19/1911:30 pm CESTvs Oklahoma City Thunder
11/22/199:00 pm CESTat Oklahoma City Thunder
11/23/199:00 pm CESTat Memphis Grizzlies
11/25/199:30 pm CESTat San Antonio Spurs
11/27/1910:30 pm CESTat New Orleans Pelicans
11/29/1911:30 pm CESTvs Washington Wizards
12/1/195:00 pm CESTvs Dallas Mavericks
12/3/1910:00 pm CESTat Denver Nuggets
12/4/1910:00 pm CESTat Utah Jazz
12/6/1911:30 pm CESTat Portland Trail Blazers
12/8/1910:30 pm CESTvs Minnesota Timberwolves
12/11/198:00 pm CESTat Orlando Magic
12/13/199:00 pm CESTat Miami Heat
12/15/197:00 pm CESTat Atlanta Hawks
12/17/198:00 pm CESTat Indiana Pacers
12/19/199:00 pm CESTat Milwaukee Bucks
12/22/1910:30 pm CESTvs Denver Nuggets
12/25/199:00 pm CESTvs Los Angeles Clippers
12/28/1911:00 pm CESTat Portland Trail Blazers
12/29/1910:30 pm CESTvs Dallas Mavericks
1/1/2011:30 pm CESTvs Phoenix Suns
1/3/2011:30 pm CESTvs New Orleans Pelicans
1/5/2011:00 pm CESTvs Detroit Pistons
1/7/2011:30 pm CESTvs New York Knicks
1/10/209:30 pm CESTat Dallas Mavericks
1/11/209:00 pm CESTat Oklahoma City Thunder
1/13/2011:30 pm CESTvs Cleveland Cavaliers
1/15/2011:30 pm CESTvs Orlando Magic
1/18/209:30 pm CESTat Houston Rockets
1/20/208:30 pm CESTat Boston Celtics
1/22/208:30 pm CESTat New York Knicks
1/23/209:00 pm CESTat Brooklyn Nets
1/25/209:30 pm CESTat Philadelphia 76ers
1/28/2011:00 pm CESTvs Los Angeles Clippers
1/31/2011:30 pm CESTvs Portland Trail Blazers
2/1/2011:00 pm CESTat Sacramento Kings
2/4/2011:30 pm CESTvs San Antonio Spurs
2/6/2011:30 pm CESTvs Houston Rockets
2/8/209:30 pm CESTat Golden State Warriors
2/10/2011:30 pm CESTvs Phoenix Suns
2/12/2011:00 pm CESTat Denver Nuggets
2/21/2011:30 pm CESTvs Memphis Grizzlies
2/23/204:30 pm CESTvs Boston Celtics
2/25/2011:00 pm CESTvs New Orleans Pelicans
2/27/2011:30 pm CESTat Golden State Warriors
2/29/209:00 pm CESTat Memphis Grizzlies
3/1/209:00 pm CESTat New Orleans Pelicans
3/3/2011:00 pm CESTvs Philadelphia 76ers
3/6/2011:30 pm CESTvs Milwaukee Bucks
3/8/204:30 pm CESTat Los Angeles Clippers
3/10/2011:30 pm CESTvs Brooklyn Nets
3/12/2011:30 pm CESTvs Houston Rockets
3/15/2010:00 pm CESTvs Denver Nuggets
3/16/2010:00 pm CESTat Utah Jazz
3/18/2011:00 pm CESTvs Utah Jazz
3/21/208:00 pm CESTat Charlotte Hornets
3/22/207:00 pm CESTat Detroit Pistons
3/24/208:30 pm CESTat Toronto Raptors
3/26/208:00 pm CESTat Cleveland Cavaliers
3/28/209:00 pm CESTat Washington Wizards
3/30/2010:00 pm CESTat Minnesota Timberwolves
4/2/2012:30 am CESTvs Indiana Pacers
4/5/2012:00 am CESTat Sacramento Kings
4/5/2011:30 pm CESTvs Oklahoma City Thunder
4/8/2012:30 am CESTvs Chicago Bulls
4/10/2012:30 am CESTvs Golden State Warriors
4/12/2011:30 pm CESTvs Minnesota Timberwolves
4/15/2012:30 am CESTvs Sacramento Kings
4/16/2012:00 am CESTat Phoenix Suns

Best Lakers Betting Predictions

The Los Angeles team made headlines this summer by the picks they recently made. And now the dynamic duo of LeBron James and Anthony Davis might be the best combination they have never had for a while. As we all know, James and Davis are basketball giants.

They will most likely be enough to catapult the Lakers to the top in the Western Conference this season. At the moment, Davis is the exact player that LeBron needs on his side. B

ecause of this, there is a high chance James will be pumped up for baskets in the coming 2019-20 season.

Even if the Clippers landed Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, all eyes will be on LeBron James as it is the norm. As such, they are not in a position where they can disappoint. It, therefore, makes them the perfect team to bet against the spread and to make prop bets as well.

With arguably the best combo (Lebron and Davis) yet, LA Lakers cannot afford to fall short of victory on the Western Conference. Most people have high hopes for the Lakers, and there is no doubt they will make impressive picks perfect for Over/under bets.

All this makes LA Lakers betting even more interesting, as the chances of winning are high.

History of LA Lakers

When the team was officially formed, it was initially known as Detroit Gems, and they played for the National Basketball League. The Pistons are now the Detroit team.

Their name changed to Lakers after moving to Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1947 then later on to Los Angeles.

In the 1979 NBA draft, they selected Magic Johnson, and that was the start of the period when the team was dominating for years on. Johnson was later joined by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and James Worthy.

This combination of players successfully got the team to eight appearances in the NBA finals over the next decade. On top of all, five of these were NBA championships.

Soon after the retirement of Abdul-Jabbar and Johnson in 1989 and 1991, things quickly changed, in a bad way. They still made it to the playoffs, but they did no participate in the postseason play. They were neither a part of the NBA finals for quite some time.

All that changed again from 1999-2000 season. The new coach Phil Jackson took control of the team featuring Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant.

Although O’Neal was not part of the team down the road, a new team with Kobe Bryant advanced to the 2008 NBA finals.

Date of Creation

The Lakers team was founded in 1946.

Best Seasons

The best seasons for the team was in the ‘80s when they had Magic Johnson and Abdul-Jabbar. They managed to win five almost-consecutive NBA Championship titles (1980,1982,1985,1987 and 1988).

Most Famous Players

The following are high profile players that have ever played for the Lakers:

  • Abdul-Jabbar
  • Magic Johnson
  • Kobe Bryant
  • Shaquille O’Neal
  • Wilt Chamberlain
  • Byron Scott

Lakes news & tweets

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