Charlotte Hornets Betting 2019

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Betting on the Charlotte Hornets is a great way to enjoy the NBA season and earn some stellar returns on wagers.

With Charlotte Hornets betting, you can choose from a variety of bet types and will find some great odds at leading basketball betting apps.

Learn about the Charlotte Hornets schedule, team history, best players, and popular betting options right here.

Hornets Picks for the Week

Toronto Raptors vs Charlotte Hornets
19/11 01:30
Over 214.5 points
Toronto lost last match away to Mavericks, but I do not think they will have an issue tonight when they meet Charlotte. The Charlotte side is much better scoring side away from home than at their venue. I...
Toronto Raptors vs Charlotte Hornets
19/11 01:30
Over 107.5 points in 1st half
toronto raptors will be hosting the charlotte hornets for NBA regular season game . the odds is in favor for toronto to win and with AH -8.5 . i agree that toronto can win here , a good performance from...
Toronto Raptors vs Charlotte Hornets
19/11 01:30
Over 215.5 points
The Toronto Raptors just couldn't hold serve on the road out in the west after a brutal series of games as they battled the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers in that stretch which ended with...
Toronto Raptors vs Charlotte Hornets
19/11 01:30
Over 219 points
This game between the Toronto Raptors and the Charlotte Hornets has a very high chance to have more than 220 points as these two have had most of their recent respective home and away games have over that...
Toronto Raptors vs Charlotte Hornets
19/11 01:30
Toronto Raptors -4.50 in 1st quarter (AH)
Charlotte Hornets facing the Toronto Raptors in their first meeting of the season. The Hornets may be heading into this Match riding a two game winning streak but they will face a Raptors team looking...

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Hornets betting

Hornets Schedule

You can find the complete Hornets schedule right here. Be sure to check it often so you do not miss out on any games starting with a match against the Bulls.

10/23/199:00 pm CESTvs Chicago Bulls
10/25/199:00 pm CESTvs Minnesota Timberwolves
10/27/1910:30 pm CESTat Los Angeles Lakers
10/28/1911:30 pm CESTat Los Angeles Clippers
10/30/1911:00 pm CESTat Sacramento Kings
11/2/199:30 pm CESTat Golden State Warriors
11/5/198:00 pm CESTvs Indiana Pacers
11/7/199:00 pm CESTvs Boston Celtics
11/9/198:00 pm CESTvs New Orleans Pelicans
11/10/197:00 pm CESTat Philadelphia 76ers
11/13/198:00 pm CESTvs Memphis Grizzlies
11/15/198:00 pm CESTvs Detroit Pistons
11/16/198:30 pm CESTat New York Knicks
11/18/198:30 pm CESTat Toronto Raptors
11/20/198:30 pm CESTat Brooklyn Nets
11/22/198:00 pm CESTat Washington Wizards
11/23/198:00 pm CESTvs Chicago Bulls
11/25/198:30 pm CESTat Miami Heat
11/27/198:00 pm CESTvs Detroit Pistons
11/29/198:00 pm CESTat Detroit Pistons
11/30/199:00 pm CESTat Milwaukee Bucks
12/2/198:00 pm CESTvs Phoenix Suns
12/4/198:00 pm CESTvs Golden State Warriors
12/6/198:00 pm CESTvs Brooklyn Nets
12/8/196:00 pm CESTvs Atlanta Hawks
12/10/198:00 pm CESTvs Washington Wizards
12/11/198:30 pm CESTat Brooklyn Nets
12/13/199:00 pm CESTat Chicago Bulls
12/15/196:00 pm CESTat Indiana Pacers
12/17/198:00 pm CESTvs Sacramento Kings
12/18/198:00 pm CESTat Cleveland Cavaliers
12/21/196:00 pm CESTvs Utah Jazz
12/22/197:00 pm CESTat Boston Celtics
12/27/198:00 pm CESTvs Oklahoma City Thunder
12/29/199:00 pm CESTat Memphis Grizzlies
12/31/194:00 pm CESTvs Boston Celtics
1/2/208:00 pm CESTat Cleveland Cavaliers
1/4/209:30 pm CESTat Dallas Mavericks
1/6/208:00 pm CESTvs Indiana Pacers
1/8/208:00 pm CESTvs Toronto Raptors
1/10/2010:00 pm CESTat Utah Jazz
1/12/209:00 pm CESTat Phoenix Suns
1/13/2011:00 pm CESTat Portland Trail Blazers
1/15/2010:00 pm CESTat Denver Nuggets
1/20/206:00 pm CESTvs Orlando Magic
1/24/204:00 pm CESTvs Milwaukee Bucks
1/28/208:00 pm CESTvs New York Knicks
1/30/208:00 pm CESTat Washington Wizards
2/1/2010:00 pm CESTat San Antonio Spurs
2/3/208:00 pm CESTvs Orlando Magic
2/4/209:00 pm CESTat Houston Rockets
2/8/208:00 pm CESTvs Dallas Mavericks
2/10/208:00 pm CESTat Detroit Pistons
2/12/209:00 pm CESTat Minnesota Timberwolves
2/20/209:00 pm CESTat Chicago Bulls
2/22/208:00 pm CESTvs Brooklyn Nets
2/25/208:00 pm CESTat Indiana Pacers
2/26/208:00 pm CESTvs New York Knicks
2/28/208:30 pm CESTat Toronto Raptors
3/1/202:00 pm CESTvs Milwaukee Bucks
3/3/208:00 pm CESTvs San Antonio Spurs
3/5/208:00 pm CESTvs Denver Nuggets
3/7/206:00 pm CESTvs Houston Rockets
3/9/208:30 pm CESTat Atlanta Hawks
3/11/208:30 pm CESTat Miami Heat
3/13/208:00 pm CESTvs Cleveland Cavaliers
3/15/207:00 pm CESTat Orlando Magic
3/17/208:30 pm CESTat New York Knicks
3/19/208:00 pm CESTvs Philadelphia 76ers
3/21/208:00 pm CESTvs Los Angeles Lakers
3/24/208:00 pm CESTvs Portland Trail Blazers
3/26/209:00 pm CESTat Oklahoma City Thunder
3/28/208:00 pm CESTvs Los Angeles Clippers
3/30/209:00 pm CESTvs Miami Heat
4/1/209:00 pm CESTat Orlando Magic
4/3/209:30 pm CESTat Atlanta Hawks
4/5/203:00 pm CESTvs Atlanta Hawks
4/7/2010:00 pm CESTat New Orleans Pelicans
4/8/209:00 pm CESTvs Toronto Raptors
4/11/209:00 pm CESTvs Washington Wizards
4/13/209:00 pm CESTvs Miami Heat
4/15/209:30 pm CESTat Philadelphia 76ers

Best Hornets Predictions

Get ready to engage in thrilling betting with tips and predictions on the Charlotte Hornets. Learn about the great types of basketball bets that can be placed with leading bookmakers, including point spread bets, prop bets, over/under, and more.

With great options, you will always have amazing ways to place wagers and start earning payouts while wagering on your favorite basketball team.

When it comes to Charlotte Hornets betting, you will find that bookies offer the best odds and some amazing bet types. Point spreads, money lines, and propositions are the most popular bets that are placed on basketball games and you will find all of these being offered.

You may also benefit from betting against the spread, which is a great way to add some excitement to your wagering experience.

With this type of wager, you are betting on the underdog using the provided point spread. This is a good strategy when the point spread is low.

History of the Charlotte Hornets

Established in 1988, the Charlotte Hornets franchise started as an expansion team. Owned by Michael Jordan, the team has not won any championships or conference titles but is a preferred team when it comes to wagering.

Hornets Creation

The Hornets began playing in the NBA in 1988 and were renamed the Charlotte Bobcats from 2004 to 2014. In 2014, the team took back the original Hornets name and is now one of the most popular professional teams in North Carolina.

Best Seasons for the Hornets

The Hornets may not be a championship team, but they have had some decent seasons. Their best season was in 1997 when they had a win percentage of .659 and an overall record of 54-28. In 1998, they had similar stats, with a 51-31 record and a WPct of .622.

Famous Charlotte Hornets Players

When it comes to famous players, the Hornets have had a few. Robert Parish, Alonzo Mourning, and Vlade Divac are all Hornets Hall of Famers. With such a short franchise history, the team has only retired one number, number 13, belonging to Bobby Phills.

The most recognized name associated with this NBA team is the current owner, Michael Jordan, the former star for the Chicago Bulls. Jordan owns the majority of the team and has acquired the ownership in 2010.

Hornets news and tweets