Brooklyn Nets Betting 2020

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NBA basketball will be back soon and we can tell you everything you need to know about Brooklyn Nets betting.

We will look at how the season looks for the Nets – and where the best opportunities are for betting on the team.

There is a lot of excitement about Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving – but there is more to the Nets this season.

Read on to find out more about upcoming picks and predictions.

Nets Picks for the Week

There are currently no new picks. Check again later.

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bet on the Brooklyn Nets
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Brooklyn Nets Schedule

The schedule for the new season has just been released – so now you can really get into planning your Brooklyn Nets betting.

Bet against the Knicks, a big rivalry team.

10/23/199:30 pm CESTvs Minnesota Timberwolves
10/25/199:30 pm CESTvs New York Knicks
10/27/197:00 pm CESTat Memphis Grizzlies
10/30/198:30 pm CESTvs Indiana Pacers
11/1/198:00 pm CESTvs Houston Rockets
11/2/198:00 pm CESTat Detroit Pistons
11/4/198:30 pm CESTvs New Orleans Pelicans
11/8/1911:00 pm CESTat Portland Trail Blazers
11/10/199:00 pm CESTat Phoenix Suns
11/12/1910:00 pm CESTat Utah Jazz
11/14/1911:30 pm CESTat Denver Nuggets
11/16/197:00 pm CESTat Chicago Bulls
11/18/198:30 pm CESTvs Indiana Pacers
11/20/198:30 pm CESTvs Charlotte Hornets
11/22/198:30 pm CESTvs Sacramento Kings
11/24/197:00 pm CESTat New York Knicks
11/25/198:00 pm CESTat Cleveland Cavaliers
11/27/198:00 pm CESTat Boston Celtics
11/29/191:00 pm CESTvs Boston Celtics
12/1/194:00 pm CESTvs Miami Heat
12/4/198:30 pm CESTat Atlanta Hawks
12/6/198:00 pm CESTat Charlotte Hornets
12/8/194:00 pm CESTvs Denver Nuggets
12/11/198:30 pm CESTvs Charlotte Hornets
12/14/198:30 pm CESTat Toronto Raptors
12/15/197:00 pm CESTvs Philadelphia 76ers
12/17/199:00 pm CESTat New Orleans Pelicans
12/19/199:30 pm CESTat San Antonio Spurs
12/21/197:00 pm CESTvs Atlanta Hawks
12/26/199:00 pm CESTvs New York Knicks
12/28/199:00 pm CESTat Houston Rockets
12/30/199:00 pm CESTat Minnesota Timberwolves
1/2/209:30 pm CESTat Dallas Mavericks
1/4/207:00 pm CESTvs Toronto Raptors
1/6/208:00 pm CESTat Orlando Magic
1/7/208:30 pm CESTvs Oklahoma City Thunder
1/10/208:30 pm CESTvs Miami Heat
1/12/207:00 pm CESTvs Atlanta Hawks
1/14/208:30 pm CESTvs Utah Jazz
1/15/208:00 pm CESTat Philadelphia 76ers
1/18/207:00 pm CESTvs Milwaukee Bucks
1/20/204:00 pm CESTvs Philadelphia 76ers
1/23/209:00 pm CESTvs Los Angeles Lakers
1/25/208:00 pm CESTat Detroit Pistons
1/26/207:00 pm CESTat New York Knicks
1/29/208:30 pm CESTvs Detroit Pistons
1/31/208:30 pm CESTvs Chicago Bulls
2/1/209:00 pm CESTat Washington Wizards
2/3/208:30 pm CESTvs Phoenix Suns
2/5/208:30 pm CESTvs Golden State Warriors
2/8/208:30 pm CESTat Toronto Raptors
2/10/208:00 pm CESTat Indiana Pacers
2/12/208:30 pm CESTvs Toronto Raptors
2/20/209:00 pm CESTat Philadelphia 76ers
2/22/208:00 pm CESTat Charlotte Hornets
2/24/208:30 pm CESTvs Orlando Magic
2/26/208:00 pm CESTat Washington Wizards
2/28/208:30 pm CESTat Atlanta Hawks
2/29/208:30 pm CESTat Miami Heat
3/3/208:30 pm CESTat Boston Celtics
3/4/208:30 pm CESTvs Memphis Grizzlies
3/6/208:30 pm CESTvs San Antonio Spurs
3/8/204:00 pm CESTvs Chicago Bulls
3/10/2011:30 pm CESTat Los Angeles Lakers
3/12/2011:30 pm CESTat Golden State Warriors
3/13/2011:30 pm CESTat Los Angeles Clippers
3/15/2010:00 pm CESTat Sacramento Kings
3/18/208:30 pm CESTvs Washington Wizards
3/21/207:00 pm CESTvs Boston Celtics
3/23/208:30 pm CESTvs Orlando Magic
3/25/208:00 pm CESTvs Los Angeles Clippers
3/27/208:00 pm CESTat Orlando Magic
3/28/207:00 pm CESTvs Cleveland Cavaliers
3/30/209:30 pm CESTvs Portland Trail Blazers
4/1/209:30 pm CESTvs Detroit Pistons
4/3/209:00 pm CESTat Indiana Pacers
4/5/208:00 pm CESTvs Dallas Mavericks
4/7/2010:00 pm CESTat Oklahoma City Thunder
4/9/2010:00 pm CESTat Milwaukee Bucks
4/11/2010:00 pm CESTat Chicago Bulls
4/13/209:00 pm CESTat Cleveland Cavaliers
4/15/209:30 pm CESTvs Milwaukee Bucks

Best Brooklyn Nets Predictions

The Nets knew what to expect from Kevin Durant when he arrived in the offseason. He won’t be fit for a while, but there is still a lot to look forward to from this Nets team.

A winning season is a distinct possibility and confident fans might want to go positive on the overunder bets. Some good home performances could gain a place in the post season.

The Atlantic Division is probably the toughest in the East Conference. But the Raptors have been severely depleted with the loss of Kawhi Leonard.

The Celtics and 76ers will be tough match ups and the Knicks are something of an unknown quantity.

With some new all-star additions, the Nets will be looking to go deeper into the postseason – and that means the betting opportunities will be even more plentiful. There will be plenty of Nets prop bets to check out.

Predictions on the season seem to be mixed because of Durant’s absence, but there is definitely a sense of confidence around this team. Betting against the spread will depend on individual game betting lines. But If the Nets can do well against their divisional rivals this could be a very interesting season.

History of the Brooklyn Nets

The Nets became ‘Brooklyn’ in 2012 after spending most of its history as the New Jersey Nets. Since then the Nets have only made it past the first round of the playoffs once – but next season promises to be a good one.

As the New York Nets they won the ABA Finals on two occasions thanks to the basketball genius of Julius Erving.

The Nets have also made it to the NBA finals twice – losing to the Los Angeles Lakers and the San Antonio Spurs in 2002 and 2003.

Buck Williams and Jason Kidd are two of the most famous Nets players in the franchise’s history, both playing while it was still based in New Jersey.

But with the new players brought in this offseason there are bound to be some very exciting times coming up for the Brooklyn Nets.

Nets latest media & tweets

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