Sweet 16 Betting 2020

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Read more about this year’s Sweet 16 Picks for 2020.

When the March Madness bracket is announced, we’ll make our Sweet 16 betting picks (as well as for the Elite 8, Final 4, and Championship Game winner).

Read what happened last year in the Sweet 16.

Like the name implies Sweet 16 is the third stage of the NCAA Tournament when only 16 teams remain. Winners of this regional semifinal round enter the Elite 8. If you are interested in Sweet 16 odds, or Sweet 16 lines, continue reading to learn more.

The Sweet 16 is played all across the United States. Usually, there are a few different host cities, and this phase of the competition is held in the same arena as the next one, the Elite 8. In 2019 this phase will be played in Anaheim, Louisville, Kansas City, and Washington D.C.

We have probably gotten used to the fact that when it comes to March Madness, the games are highly unpredictable. That’s why talking about the potential Sweet Sixteen picks in advance is pretty difficult. The current favorites might be easily brought down by some less popular teams. Expect the unexpected – that can be the slogan that the best describes the competition.

On the other hand, when it comes to March Madness predictions, they are usually based on the stats and teams’ previous performance. Sometimes they could be quite accurate. For example, last year the Sweet 16 predictions were correct. However, during the Elite 8, we were quite surprised to see some of the biggest favorites eliminated. This shows that Sweet 16 betting is a viable option for all those who are interested.

The Sweet 16 Picks for the last year were the following teams (listed by regions):

  • South: Kansas State, Kentucky, Loyola-Chicago, Nevada
  • East: West Virginia, Villanova, Texas Tech, Purdue
  • West: Florida State, Gonzaga, Michigan, Texas A&M
  • Midwest: Kansas, Clemson, Syracuse, Duke

Top Sweet 16 Picks Predictions

Last year Villanova won the Championship. This indicates that the Sweet 16 predictions were pretty accurate as we said before. What about this year? Will the popular Sweet 16 picks make it to the regional semifinal round?

Right now, we can just anticipate the outcomes of the games and the potential success of our favorites. Once we know which 68 teams will participate, things won’t become easier. Sixty-eight teams are quite a lot. Anyway, every year there are a lot of speculations about favorite picks way before the Tournament has actually started, simply because the early betting might bring more money to the bettors.

Let’s see which teams from different conferences are most likely to play in the Sweet 16! This year’s in top Sweet 16 picks, we can include some of the following teams: Duke, Villanova, Nevada, West Virginia, Houston, Kansas, Michigan State, Texas Tech, Texas State, Michigan, Tennessee, Mississippi State, Kentucky, Gonzaga, Indiana, Purdue, Virginia, and North Carolina.

For example, the team with the most victories is UCLA. However, the last time they won was in 1995. In the meantime, some other teams have improved their play, and they’ve become regular favorites.


The last year’s winner is still one of the top Sweet 16 picks. The team also won the title in 2016, while in 1985 they showed a historical performance by winning the Championship as an 8 seed. The record they’ve set still remains unbeaten. Villanova is known as the lowest seed ever to win the Tournament.

Even though it’s still early, according to certain predictions, the team in question might even pass the Sweet 16 stage of the March Madness and enter the Elite 8.


When it comes to Blue Devils, they are not just part of the Sweet Sixteen picks, but they surpass them. If it’s to believe this year’s March Madness predictions, they could even make it to the Final.

The team has won 5 NCAA titles, and it participated in 16 Final Fours. In our opinion, it’s pretty risky to talk about the winner in this stage of the Tournament, but there are a lot of arguments to put the Duke among the Sweet sixteen picks.

Should you Pick the Sweet 16 Now or Wait?

As you may see a lot of different teams appear when we talk about the Sweet 16 picks. Even though all the predictions and tips are based on stats and the teams’ past performance, we can never be 100% sure. That’s where the excitement of the sports betting comes from. However, with all the data available nowadays, Sweet 16 betting is becoming even more exciting for a higher number of people.

The question is should you place bets now based on the early predictions or you should wait. There are certain upsides and downsides for both of these options.

Early betting has its own advantages because it could bring you much bigger payouts. Of course, it’s also much riskier. On the other hand, if you wait for the March Madness to start and some teams to get eliminated through different rounds of the Tournament, the chances of winning are bigger but the potential payouts much lower.

In any case, it’s up to you. If you think that early Sweet 16 betting is worth a try, just go ahead. In the next section, we are going to explain how to place a bet on suggested teams.

How to Bet on Sweet 16?

Placing a bet on Sweet 16 is a very simple and straightforward procedure. The first thing that you have to do is to find a trustworthy online sportsbook. In order to do that check out what you can find on the market. Pay attention to welcome bonuses that operators offer to all new users who register for the very first time.

Make sure to check the terms and conditions of the offer too. Some bonus could seem very attractive, but it might imply a whole list of very complicated requirements that must be met in order to collect the bonus and any winnings obtained from it. Don’t hurry! Carefully choose a verified online bookmaker and welcome bonus that is rather easy to unlock.

Once you have your account, pick your favorite(s) and place a bet. We hope that our article about this year’s predictions will be helpful. Create your bet slip by entering your stake and let the fun begin!