March Madness Betting 2019

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Read our article and discover something more about this year’s March Madness odds.

One of the biggest, most exciting and most popular event of the college basketball has been played once a year since 1939.

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We can hardly wait to see the 68 teams that will compete in seven rounds for the national championship. At the early days, in 1939, the first NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament counted just eight teams. However, the number of teams that participate grew bigger throughout the years. Let’s take a look at the predictions for 2019 March Madness odds, but first of all, let’s recall the structure of the tournament itself.

The NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament

As we mentioned above, 68 teams participate in this tournament. That’s why it’s not quite easy to predict the outcomes of the matches. Pretty often the March Madness is full of surprises. For example, last year a few Cinderellas made it to the Final Four. This is precisely why March Madness odds can vary greatly before and during the tournament. There are simply plenty of surprises that can occur.

The Final Four is the fifth and penultimate round of the tournament. It’s basically the semi-final of the event, and ultimately the winners get a chance to play in the championship game. Other important notions worth mentioning is Sweet 16 and Elite 8. Sweet 16 is the third round with 16 teams, and then the winner of each bracket plays in the Elite 8 which is the final game for regionals. The four winners enter the Final Four.

On the other hand, Cinderella is a team that ends up with a much bigger success than expected. If the last year Cinderellas made it to the semifinal, you can see how even the biggest favorites could be brought down by some unknown talents. Anyhow, March Madness odds might shift all the way during the event too, but right from the beginning, there are certain favorites and strong predictions about some teams that they’ll make it to the Final Four or even win the title.

The stats and analysis of teams’ performance play a pretty big role in determinating the March Madness odds, and before that even in picking up the 36 teams that have the pedigree to enter the tournament.

As you probably know there are two different ways for a team to enter the NCAA tournament. Thirty-two teams enter the March Madness automatically, by winning their conference tournament regardless of their performance over the season.

As automatic qualifiers, all the winners of the 32 Division I conferences are eligible for the NCAA. The remaining 36 teams are selected by the Selection Committee that convenes on Selection Sunday. This year the Selection Sunday will be held on March 17.

Top March Madness Picks

Even though there’s still time, March Madness Odds are already settled. That doesn’t mean that they won’t change as the tournament approaches. However, if you place a bet now, you can get much bigger payouts. On the other hand, as you probably know, the chances of winning are quite slim; but as long as there’s a chance, there’s some hope too.

Take a look at top March Madness picks and see if early betting is worth a try. Right from the beginning, there are certain favorites. Nevertheless, sometimes they don’t make it to the end, but sometimes they do.

For example, the winner of 2018 was Villanova. The team had won the NCAA Tournament two years ago, so naturally, it was among the top March Madness picks. That implies that the past performance is quite important when it comes to predictions, but in the end, there are some other factors that impact the final score. That’s why surprises are such a common thing when it comes to the tournament.

Right now, based on their past performance and the teams’ results during the preseason, there are certain favorites like:

  • Duke
  • Michigan
  • West Virginia
  • Gonzaga
  • Nevada
  • Villanova again

In any case, we shouldn’t be surprised if the things don’t turn the way we expect. We have to be prepared for some unexpected outcomes. All the teams will compete for the title, and we can hardly wait to see the upcoming action.

Place your bets now or wait until the finals?

When it comes to early March Madness betting, there are some pros and cons for it. The opinions are quite divided. According to some betting experts, you should place bets as early as possible, while according to some others you should wait until the finals. Let’s take a closer look at both advantages and disadvantages of early betting, no matter whether you are planning to bet on March Madness lines or some other type of bet.

Why it’s a good idea to place bets before the tournament has actually started?

Simply, because if you get them right, the payouts would be much bigger. The March Madness odds are also quite competitive at this moment. In conclusion, if you get into it and you do some research on the teams’ past performance, you can build a strategy and try to give your best guess.

On the other hand, why it’s good to wait until the finals?

If you wait until the Final Four or the Final of the Championship, the biggest part of the teams will be eliminated so you wouldn’t have a hard time choosing your favorite(s). The March Madness odds will shift, and consequently, the payouts might be much lower in that point of the Tournament, but at the same time, the chances of winning are bigger. We can say that this type of March Betting is a way safer if we could use at all the word “safe” when it comes to betting.

The choice is all yours – bigger risk and bigger payouts or smaller risk and lower payouts. Just make sure to choose the betting style that suits your personal preference.

Which team is the best March Madness odds and safest bet ?

Saying which team is the safest with March Madness betting is quite difficult now since the Tournament hasn’t still begun. We still have 68 teams that will confront each other, so anticipating the future of each and every game seems impossible. It’s even more difficult to pick just one team and say that this is the future winner of the Championship. Even if we base our predictions on stats and analysis of teams’ past performance, we could enumerate at least a few of them who could be the potential winner.

Currently, the biggest betting favorite is definitely the Duke. Right now, the team has the best March Madness odds, and it will probably start the Tournament with the best odds to win the Championship. Duke is known as the best team in the ACC Conference. It has won 5 NCAA Championships, and it has participated in 11 National Final games. In 2018 they got into Elite 8, but they lost against Kansas.

If we take into account the team’s overall performance, there’s a quite chance of seeing them among the Elite 8. Perhaps they’ll go one step further this year and make it to the Final Four or even to the National Finals if it’s to believe some March Madness tips.

How to place a bet on March Madness?

Given the fact that March Madness is the most important event for the American college teams, most of the online bookmakers already provide an opportunity to bet on March Madness.

If you fancy early betting, now it’s the right time to pick your favorites and place a bet. However, before placing a bet you should know that the online sports betting is not allowed in all the states of the USA, and in order to access a sports betting platform, you must be at least 21 years old.

In order to place a bet on March Madness, find an appropriate online sportsbook, make your selection(s), enter your stake and we’ll wait to see what will happen. Good luck!