Bet on College Basketball 2020

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Just like the professional league, college basketball is one of the most popular sports across the United States.

And with the legalization of online sports betting in a handful of states with many more to follow, college basketball betting is fast becoming popular in the USA.

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We’ve recently seen how competitive college basketball can be with teams such as the Duke’s Men’s Basketball team getting recognition countrywide.

With such enthralling competition, college basketball betting can only make things more exciting, right?

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Which college basketball Games Can I Bet on?

There are various college basketball games that you’d like to bet on especially because of their track record. They include:

March madness

To bet on March Madness basically covers the entire playoffs of the college basketball.

From the word go, the games are typically pretty competitive and the college basketball odds here will be worth your while if your team wins.

Sweet 16

You can choose to bet on the Sweet 16 of these teams participating. The competition at this stage is quite stiff.

Elite 8

The elite 8 teams are the top 8 teams that scuffle for the NCAA Basketball championship.

Elite 8 games are good to bet on as the college basketball betting lines here tend to be rather lucrative.

Final 4

It’s a big deal to bet on the Final 4 and have all your picks win!

You are assured of great entertainment plus really good odds that could see you win big, particularly since any team here could be a winner.

NCAA Championship Finals

The last stage of the tournament, NCAA Tournament finals betting are usually the highest profile.

States with regulated college basketball betting

Initially, college basketball betting wasn’t legal in the United States. From back in 1992 to 2018, only four states had been granted an exception to this rule. These states included Oregon, Montana, Delaware and Nevada.

This rule did however not go too well with the people of New Jersey who contested it in the Supreme Court.

This legal war on betting subsequently led to one of the most significant changes for the gambling scene across the United States. In case you are curious, let’s take a closer look right here:


Delaware was the first to start taking bets on all land-based sports on June 5th, 2018 including college basketball betting. And by the way, they eased into things swiftly by adapting the already existing gambling by establishing single-game betting guidelines.

New Jersey

After pioneering a push to have sports betting legalized, New Jersey started taking bets on June 14th.  This laid the foundation for various sportsbooks to rush to New Jersey so that they can quickly exploit the market that was introduced there.

Some of the major online betting sites that set up camp in New Jersey include well-known names like bet365, DraftKings Sportsbook and Sugarhouse online sportsbook and casino. In effect, if you happen to be a big fan of college basketball, you’ll be happy to know that you can legally enjoy college basketball betting on these platforms and many more that are coming up.


Pennsylvania started practicing legal betting in November 2018, and the first sportsbooks set up camp in this state on December 13th. Moreover, many other online betting companies are expected to start their operations in Pennsylvania in early 2019. With partnership deals for sportsbooks already in place, you will be able to get various NCAA betting lines both in the land-based gaming facilities and online.


Mississippi followed suit in the tracks of New Jersey by putting their money on two MGM properties. More online sportsbooks are already setting up shop ready to offer sports betting options like college basketball betting in the state of Mississippi. Among them, Draftkings appears to be the one that stands out the most after the brand was able to strike a partnership with the Scarlet Sports Casino & Resort, a land-based casino.

Rhode Island

Sports betting was launched in Rhode Island on December 3rd. This was launched by Twin River Tiverton casino which is a land-based casino that set sail with sport betting features on site. If you are a fan of college basketball and you live in Rhode Island, that’s where you can go for your NCAA Basketball lines.

Any Other Prospective States

Some of the states that are well on their way to legalizing sports betting and thus ensuring you will get a platform to practice college basketball betting include Arkansas, Oregon, and Montana. Stay tuned to our platform, and you’ll be the first to know as soon as their gambling activities take off officially.

What About Other States

In case you didn’t know, there are still some states which have been practicing sports betting, yet their laws do not really recognize the legality of sports betting. Such states include Indiana, Kentucky, South Carolina, Maryland, Ohio, Michigan, Kansas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois.

The fate of the legality of sports betting and consequently, college basketball betting is not bad, however, as these states are in the process of streamlining their laws to make gambling accepted by state law. So, as you can see, the future of sports betting in the country is bright as it seems more and more states have come to accept it.

As we all know, the country is filled with millions of sports enthusiasts. And from the numbers received in the past few months in gambling profits alone, there’s no question that many more states will legalize sports betting during the course of the year. Soon enough you will be able to enjoy college basketball betting among other types of sports betting in many more states across the United States.

Where can I Bet on college basketball?

From the look of things, college basketball betting will continue to grow especially after new online bookies launch their services across different states. Currently, several top-notch bookmakers offer you NCAA basketball betting with all the very best college basketball betting odds. These exceptional platforms in question include:

Fanduel Sportsbook

Fanduel sportsbook is among the pioneers of sports betting in the United States of America. The founders of Fanduel Sportsbook decided to tap into the sportsbooks market right after the historic overturn of national gambling laws that gave liberty to a state by state revision.

From the word go, the Fanduel sportsbook offers an interesting sign up bonus, where you are offered a risk-free bet of up to $500 refund. The terms for the sign-up bonus also do ensure that you get refunded if you lose your cash without jumping through virtually impossible hoops.

As we speak, the Fanduel sportsbook is only available to residents of New Jersey and some of the sports you will get to wager on in the lobby are basketball, American football, baseball, cricket, tennis and rugby. Thanks to the juicy welcome offer college, basketball betting will get more lucrative right out of the gate.

Sugar House

For members from New Jersey, Sugar House offers an extra juicy welcome offer of 100% up to a maximum amount of $250 on your first deposit. Better yet, there’s a remarkable loyalty program whose perks may include exclusive VIP events, faster withdrawal and birthday gifts among other things. Other than the rewarding bonus offers, it’s one of the finest places where you can enjoy NCAA basketball betting.

What are the Best NCAA Basketball Betting Lines?

College basketball odds are a big part of NCAA basketball betting. That is why it is paramount that you learn how to read odds. The odds we are talking about represent the probability of a particular event occurring which, in this case, should be the probability of the event you have placed a bet on happening.

In the United States, most sports odds are calculated using a system known as the American odds. The American odds are usually positive or negative. Positive American odds reflect the amount of profit you are to earn should you bet a particular amount. For Instance, an odd of +140 should the Duke’s men’s basketball team win means that you will earn a profit of $140 if you had bet on an amount of, let’s say, $100.

A negative American odd reflects the amount of money you’d have to bet to win $100. For instance, if you do decide to bet on Duke Men’s Basketball team and they have a negative American odd of -200, you’d have to bet $200 to earn $100.

To know the essence of the odds and how the bookmarkers rate your team’s chances of winning, you need to be able to calculate implied probability. Implied probability is calculated in two ways depending on whether your American odd is positive or negative:

  • Implied probability = 100 divided by (positive odds+100)
  • Implied probability = negative odds divided by (negative odds-100)

The figure you get will represent the probability of your team winning. If you get a decimal figure, multiply it by 100 to convert the figure into percentage form. Consequently, many people do go for those teams with a higher probability of winning. However, underdogs often earn people a lot of money, perhaps more than the so-called favorites. It is up to you to trust your instinct when it comes to choosing NCAA Basketball Betting lines.

How to Choose the Best Bookmaker to Bet on NCCA Basketball?

At the start of the season, there is a variety of bookmakers out there who will contend for your attention. So, how do you choose the best bookmaker for college basketball betting? We’ve got the most effective tips just for you right here:

  • Look at the betting lines: A good bookmaker should have easy to read college basketball odds that enable you to make a swift decision on what to bet on.
  • Mobile app: Go for a bookmaker that has a mobile app which is compatible with Android and iOS devices. The interface of the bookmaker should also be simple and easy to use.
  • Welcome offers: What better way to enjoy your college basketball betting than with a good welcome offer? Always look for a bookmaker that offers a large welcome offer. It often says a lot about how much the house will value you.
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